Finding Your Voice

IMG_2037This is Sekhmet, a lion-headed sun-goddess whose name can be translated as ‘Powerful One.’ This statue sits on my writing desk. Sekhmet represents the duality of destruction and healing, which at first may seem contradictory but is a recurring narrative in storytelling.

Like the wildfires that burn through San Diego County, destructive forces in our lives can be violent, overwhelming and heartbreaking. But, like the local species that thrive on the recurrence of fire, life sprouts again, often heartier than before.

It is only through our greatest struggles that we get to know ourselves, only in our darkest moments do we find our own light. Writing–delving into the power of myth–is an exercise in self-discovery. All great stories share this theme of destruction and rebirth, conflict and overcoming, trials and triumph.

And the great thing about writing is you can write about anything. Surfing, soccer, science. What interests you? What do you have to say?

I can’t wait to help you find your voice.