Teen Writers

ABOUT THE WORKSHOP: The Teen Writing Workshop is an eight-week intensive creative writing workshop for students ages 14-18. In a student-centered coffeehouse setting, and working in any genre they choose, students will be challenged to set and reach their own writing goals, accept critiques, revise thoroughly and work toward project/scene/chapter completion. In addition to lessons arising naturally from the writing produced from the group, workshops will provide explicit craft lessons on plot, narrative arc, scenes, point of view, conflict, character, voice and more. Guidance will also be provided for students looking to have their work published or performed.

WORKSHOP STRUCTURE: Fostering creativity and self-expression in a supportive, challenging atmosphere, the workshop follows the read-and-critique format used by working adult authors. After an introductory first session, we will workshop two student pieces each week. Every student will be expected to submit two pieces, up to twenty pages each, to be workshopped by the group. Writing must be completed outside of class and submitted one week ahead of time. Every student is expected to read each piece and prepare thoughtful feedback for the group critique. The goal is to discover and nurture each student’s individual gifts as a writer and provide positive, holistic (big picture) feedback to help make each story come to life.The workshop will meet for ninety minutes once a week. Food and drinks are welcome.