Teen Writers

The Teen Writing Workshop is a week-long creative writing summer camp for ages 12-18. Fostering creativity and self-expression in a supportive, challenging atmosphere, the workshop follows the read-and-critique format used by working adult authors.

In a student-centered coffeehouse setting, and working in any genre they choose, students will be challenged to set and reach their own writing goals, accept critiques, revise thoroughly and work toward project/scene/chapter completion.

Guidance will also be provided for students working on college application essays or looking to have their work published or performed.

Mini-Lessons: In addition to lessons arising naturally from the writing produced from the group, workshops will provide explicit craft lessons on plot, narrative arc, scenes, point of view, conflict, character, theme, purpose, voice and more. Mentor texts will be provided as examples, and students are encouraged to seek inspiration across all storytelling genres: short stories, novels, personal essays, poetry, plays, television, movies, podcasts, etc.

Workshopping: Students are encouraged to enter the workshop with a clear plan of what they wish to write, and preferably some completed pages ready to be polished. (Blank pages are welcome, however.) Multiple student pieces will be shared and workshopped each day, guided by the following questions: What’s working? What sticks with you? What questions do you still have? What more do you need to see, feel, or understand? The goal is to discover and nurture each student’s individual gifts as a writer and provide positive, holistic (big picture) feedback to help each piece come to life. Additional comments and line-editing will be provided by the instructor.

Writing Time: Following the author mantra ‘Booty-in-Chair,’ the workshop will provide plenty of quiet, focused writing time while the instructor confers individually with each student.

Student Reading and Reception: The final hour on Friday will be our Author’s Reception. Each student is encouraged (but not required) to read his/her completed work and be celebrated. Family and friends are encouraged to attend.

*Class will meet Monday- Friday from 9 am until 12 noon in Encinitas (locations may vary).
*A minimum of 5 students is required for camp to run that week.
*Cost $300
*Laptops and Gmail accounts are recommended (for sharing and commenting through Google Docs), but not required. Otherwise all supplies and materials are provided.
*Snacks will be provided along with a mid-morning break where we may head down to the neighboring park, take a 7 minute walk to Swami’s, or hit up the Java Hut for some muffins and smoothies.
*Outside food and drinks are welcome.
*Workshop specifics are flexible to meet the needs of each group.

Summer 2020 Availability
June 22-26 FULL
June 29-July 3 FULL
July 6-10
July 27-31