DM Heights

The goal of the Del Mar Heights Storytellers Club is to spark a passion for writing while giving students the skills they need to tell great stories. Storytelling is one of the best ways to teach empathy, self-knowledge and respect. Above all, reading, writing and sharing stories is fun.

Each session is designed to include a craft mini-lesson on topics such as character, desire, conflict, and scene versus summary. After plenty of writing time, the students and I engage in the read-and-critique workshop format used by many adult authors. Each student has the opportunity to have his or her writing read aloud and critiqued. The students love workshopping and provide insightful compliments and critiques on each piece. In that way we all learn from each other.

I want to compliment the students of the Del Mar Heights Storytellers Club not only for their enthusiasm for writing, but also for their fearlessness and resilience. Revision is a key lesson taught in the club. Many adult writers quit after being critiqued or abandon their stories in the middle when it gets hard, but the students in the Del Mar Heights Storytellers Club wrote and revised with focus, dedication and enthusiasm.

Our goal at the end of the eight-week session was to come away with a chapter, story or scene that would hook an audience. Check out the student stories and tell us what you think. Are you hooked?