Young Storytellers


The Young Storytellers Workshop is designed to inspire writers ages 8-12 while giving them the tools they need to tell great stories.

As a working author, my critique groups are invaluable to me. Nothing improves my own writing like diving into the developing stories of fellow writers and receiving feedback on my own works-in-progress. Using the same read-and-critique format, young writers in the Storytellers Workshop are free to grow their imaginations while developing valuable skills in writing, critiquing, and story analysis. In a supportive, student-centered setting, lessons arise naturally from the writing produced by the group. In that way, we all learn from each other.

Above all, it is my goal to share my passion for children’s literature and the fun and magic of storytelling. img_0024

Class will be structured to meet the following goals:

  • Working in any genre they choose, students set and reach their own writing goals, share and accept group feedback, learn to revise well and work toward project completion.
  • Adapting for the tastes and abilities of the age group, instruction will include read-alouds from mentor texts taken from children’s literature. Using such works as The Whipping Boy by Sid Fleischman and Savvy by Ingrid Law, we will dive into craft mini-lessons on plot, point-of-view, character, voice and more—spiraling back to those topics as they arise in student writing.
  • Teaching and modeling the workshop read-and-critique format, the instructor will guide students in offering positive, meaningful feedback and making connections between stories.
  • Students will be given plenty of time to write. During this time the instructor will circulate and confer as needed.
  • Class will include a variety of play-based activities to keep students happy and engaged. Additionally, there will be a fifteen minute break each hour to play at the neighboring park. Camp field trips might include a 7 minute walk to Swami’s, or a visit to the Java Hut for muffins and smoothies.
  • To understand how we use storytelling to shape and understand our lives, students will be encouraged to find and share ‘real world’ examples of great storytelling across a variety of genres: books, television, movies, songs, poetry, theater, photography, podcasts etc.

*Class will meet Monday- Friday from 9 am until 12 noon in Encinitas (locations may vary).
*A minimum of 5 students is required for camp to run that week.
*Cost $300
*Laptops and Gmail accounts are recommended (for sharing and commenting through Google Docs), but not required. Otherwise all supplies and materials are provided.
*Snacks will be provided along with two mid-morning breaks where we may head down to the neighboring park, take a 7 minute walk to Swami’s, or hit up the Java Hut for some muffins and smoothies.
*Outside food and drinks are welcome.
*Workshop specifics are flexible to meet the needs of each group.

Summer 2020 Availability
June 22-26 FULL
June 29-July 3 FULL
July 6-10
July 27-31