Divine Feminine

(An excerpt from my book, Bonsai Coyote)

Catherine Shephard
Philosophy, Per. 6

The Divine Feminine

Many ancient religions worshipped not a singular god, but a duality — the God and the Goddess — while others worshipped a pantheon of gods and goddesses. Then monotheism became all the rage, and for some reason the One God became entirely, singularly masculine. He became a He. The Lord and Father. Or at least a single divine spirit who was neither male nor female but was still referred to as ‘He’ rather than ‘It.’

So what happened? Where did the Goddess go? And why is it that nowadays any mention of a ‘Goddess’ is written off as a lot of New Age claptrap?

There are many plausible theories ranging from sexual politics to war-mongering, but I propose another possibility. Consider; an all-powerful, all-knowing woman ruling every aspect of your life? Sounds like my mom.

I believe everyone got sick of having a giant mother as a deity. One terrestrial mother is quite enough, thank you. And once you get married, the force known as the mother-in-law is introduced into your life and from what I hear that’s no picnic. I think human beings panicked at the thought of a third even more powerful mother and collectively agreed to abandon that aspect of their religion altogether.

It’s not that mothers are bad; a mother’s love is one of life’s purest realities. If there’s the slightest twinge of sadness in your voice your mom will hear it and somehow appear at your side within five minutes, even if she’s been traveling in France. It’s a strange mother vortex that can’t be understood until you become a mother yourself. And is never understood by the husband who finds himself suddenly alone at the top of the Eiffel Tower. Hey, women are mysterious. And mothers are downright baffling.

Another thing to be said about your mother: she will arrive to help, the only person who would drop everything for your sake, but upon her arrival the first thing your mom will do is annoy the crap out of you. This isn’t her fault, so try to be kind, but it isn’t your fault either —that much devotion can be really annoying.

Is it any wonder that human beings abandoned the worship of the Great Mother?


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