This is my face.
This is my face.

Hi, I’m Amy. I write young adult and middle grade novels. This page is for readers, writers, dreamers, and misfits. Those who love to get lost in a story, think animals can be soul mates, and maybe fantasize about living in a tree.

Once upon a time this webpage became self-aware and began generating content. You probably don’t need to worry about any kind of Terminator/Matrix situation though. This page isn’t that smart. It took like five hours to figure out how to post this picture of my dog, Charlie Murphy, in a shark costume:

charlie shark
You’re enjoying this, right?


But this page will tell you more about about me. You can read how I got my literary agent and learn about my work teaching young writers. And I’d love to have you connect  with me on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

Thanks for visiting!